Winning the Hart Healthy Challenge One step at a time

If you’ve been following our recent blog entries, you know the background and premise behind the Hart Healthy Challenge during the month of February. In short, we believe a company’s internal culture can have a discernable effect on those that work within it. By design, HCC levels great value on how physical well-being can influence work-place and staff “barometers.” Using this philosophy as a motivator, our leadership team distributed Jawbone Up24 fitness tracking devices to all clinical research associates (CRA). Thus began a friendly competition to achieve the most steps, noting milestones and earning simple (but attractive!) prizes along the way. At the end of the month, first and second place winners received a predetermined amount of funding to donate to a local charity of their choosing.

When our first-place winner, Ben Blaylock, was asked to join the Hart Healthy Challenge, he readily agreed – the timing could image2-1.jpgnot have been better. He’d recently signed up for a half-marathon and this step challenge provided the additional motivation he’d been looking for. However, the initial “kick in the pants” for Ben didn’t come as easily as he’d hoped. At the time, he was out of shape and dealing with every day aches and pains, like many of us. Pushing through the pain, he initially walked as much as he could throughout the day, eventually graduating to a brisk jog. At one point during the month, he even secured his laptop to his treadmill to make work a little “healthier.” Ben was mostly pain free and on the move. With regular Jawbone app updates on the rest of the teams’ progress, Ben pushed to surpass his daily goal of 10,000 steps – on several occasions, even doubling and tripling this number. In the end, Ben surpassed 500,000 steps during the month-long journey.

Ben averaged a 12-minute mile at the beginning of the HCC competition. After a couple months of focus and perseverance, he recently completed his half-marathon in 2 hours and 2 minutes, averaging a 9-minute mile, and lost a total of 25 lbs.!

As part of his prize, Ben received $2,000 to donate to his charity of choice, Operation Homefront, a 

charity in his hometown San Antonio, Texas, providing emergency assistance to service members’ families and wounded vets. We’re happy to see the impact the challenge had on Ben and the other CRAs.

Seeing how much work everyone else put in during Hart Healthy Challenge motivated me to train past the point I thought I could.” said Ben “I’m so blessed to be working on a great team with amazing people!


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