The Power of Engaged Employees

If you’re the owner or CEO of your company, it’s vital you take a look at how engaged your employees are. Your employees are the foundation and often the face of your company. The most engaged employees are the ones who love their job and feel like they’re making a difference. They are also the ones who will motivate and inspire others. This engagement may stem from their own satisfaction and career choice, but as an employer, you have the tools to see that your employees are fully engaged.

The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs (as applied to the workplace) shows a simple/accurate illustration of the give and take that is often overlooked by employers. It says that there are five kinds of employees: disengaged, not engaged, almost engaged, engaged and the highly engaged (top 15%).




Are you aware of where your employees fall on this scale? Disengaged employees are normally working just for the money. They don’t find a purpose or connection with their job and they’re likely on the lookout for a different job. Why do they feel this way? While there may be personal reasons at play, it can also be attributed to a poor work environment or dissatisfaction with the job itself.


What can employers do to engage their employees and excite them about the job? Start by listening to their feedback: What do they like or not like about the job? What motivates them to come to work? What recommendations (within reason) do they have to make it a better work environment? In the following article, ClinEdge Senior Associate Director of Clinical Operations Mallory Thomas lists additional ideas for questions you can ask of your employees following a company-wide engagement survey. Read full article here. 


More ways to increase engagement include recognizing employees for their achievements and soliciting and implementing their ideas in new initiatives when possible.


Employees who are more engaged are less likely to miss work due to poor health, 59% less likely to look for another job within the next year and 27% more likely to report “excellent” performance in their own job. They are also 19% more likely to volunteer their time to the organization. Engaged employees are happy and satisfied employees who have pride in their job and in their organization. (Gallup)


Employees are any company’s greatest asset. Creating a work environment and opportunities that encourage and perpetuate growth and self-development is paramount to success. In the clinical research industry, turnover can be a serious challenge, so creating a win/win relationship with staff should be a top tier priority for any organization.



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