The Benefits of Being a Contracted Clinical Research Associate


If you’re reading this, you’re likely not new to this industry.  But, just in case, a CRA’s primary job responsibility is to monitor clinical trials, ensure the protocol is followed and that all data collected is protected and verified. Depending on level of experience and protocol requirements, CRAs may also handle case-proctoring and device training.  The latter is often the case of CRA’s that work with Hart Clinical Consultants.


In the medical device industry, the use of independent, contracted clinical research associates (CRAs) is relatively common. CRAs are required to travel to site location(s) frequently throughout the duration of a trial, so having adaptable CRAs strategically located across the country is beneficial. Contracted CRAs also enjoy the flexibility, independence and challenges that come with this type of position. More often than not, it’s a win-win for all!


What’s it like to be a contracted CRA? One of HCC’s own, Ben Blaylock, transitioned from working at the site level – where he was in the office every day managing coordinators for their trials. This experience helped prepare him for a CRA position with Hart.


Here’s what Ben had to say about the transition: “There are many benefits to working as a CRA for HCC. I love traveling to different sites. I have a stronger voice in the studies I’m involved with and there’s always an opportunity to expand my therapeutic knowledge.”


Are you thinking about becoming a contracted CRA?At Hart Clinical Consultants, we employ CRAs who live in 14 states across the country. Some of the resulting benefits from working with HCC include flexibility (autonomous nature of the position), great work-life balance and the constant opportunity to grow your skill-set while contributing to the advancement of healthcare. We truly care about both the personal and professional well-being of our staff.


When the need arises, HCC will always consider adding experienced CRAs to work on novel medical device trials.  Whether in a project management role, device training, case proctoring, monitoring and/or data management, if a Contracted CRA position sounds appealing, then send us your CV for review

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