Hart Clinical Consultants (HCC) is a Specialty Clinical Research Organization (CRO),
expertly staffed, providing business partners with unparalleled world-class clinical and
research support services through all trial phases.

Hart Clinical Consultants' Pillars of Service

Device Training / Case Support / Case Proctoring

Proper use of novel medical devices is imperative for patient safety and critical for meeting performance endpoints.

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Source Data Monitoring

Source data verification is the industry standard for ensuring your clinical trial results in data of the utmost integrity.

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Project Management / Site Management

Juggling too many balls in your clinical trial? Project management and Site Management services keep your project on track.

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Data Management

An experienced data management team can handle your clinical data with efficiency to bring exceptional value from the research lab to the bedside.

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Clinical Events Committee

The Clinical Events Committee, or CEC, improves the validity of study safety endpoint data.

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Clinical Quality

Being proactively prepared for an inspection of your clinical study ultimately helps streamline the path to your regulatory submission and approval.

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