Hart Healthy Challenge continued: happy eating

Hart Healthy Challenge continued: happy eating

We are just about three-quarters of the way through our Hart Healthy Month and wanted to share some of our activities with you! 

Along with our physical activity goals, our team is engaging in nutritional goals as well. Here is a sampling of those goals:

  • Reducing food intake by 25%
  • Eating more veggies
  • Eating less junk food
  • Reducing sugars and caffeine
  • Drinking more water
  • Eating dinner earlier

Some additional tips for healthy eating come from the American Heart Association webpage for Happy, Healthy Eating for Kids, which applies to kids of ALL AGES!

Eat the Rainbow – try to get as many different colored vegetables and fruits as you can in each meal.  Make it fun for you and your family!

Choose fruits and vegetables instead of French fries in the cafeteria and at restaurants.

Stay hydrated with water so you aren’t tempted to eat to satisfy your thirst.

Our team is also putting together an e-book of our favorite healthy recipes.  Yummy options like this Green Soup with Yams and Sage  from EatingWell and others abound! Check out these links as well for tasty and healthy options:  allrecipes and foodnetwork

Stay tuned for the results of Hart Healthy Month early in March!  In the meantime, stay active and make incremental changes to improve your heart health!

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