Evolution Creates Value

What drives change?  Sometimes it’s the economics of supply and demand, unexpected growth or industry climate shift – sometimes unidentified sources can tip these scales. In the case of Hart Clinical Consultants (HCC), our change is due to a purposeful rebranding and evolution to create value.  

Historically, we have provided clients a world-class, seasoned and reliable team of experts to satisfy myriad operational needs.  From medical device trial monitoring to case-proctoring and site management, HCC will continue to offer these industry staples of service. But today, we announce our transition to a Specialty CRO, proud to offer a broader menu of operational services to better serve our clients’ needs.

Sometimes bigger isn’t better. In the case of choosing a clinical trial support team, you want more than numbers…you want a team of professionals- ideally, a project partner that “fits.”  

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with Hart:


“HCC’s CRAs have incredible experience. I’ve worked with them in the cardiovascular arena for many years. They have phenomenal backgrounds, from PA to cath lab managers and techs. Their product is their people. Their people are the strength of their service.”


  • Richelle Massey, CardioKinetix


“I chose HCC because they agreed to work within our timeline and they provided a reasonable budget. Having had some experience with the team at a previous company also contributed to my decision because I knew they delivered high-quality work. HCC brings to the industry a breadth of experience with CRA coverage across the United States. That’s a very unique situation that you don’t normally find in smaller CROs.”


  • Michael Zapien, Cardio DX


“HCC has always been awesome to work with both clinically and from a monitoring perspective. Truly some of the best in the industry. I would definitely recommend HCC to other healthcare providers/research sites.”


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