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Hart Health Hints: August 13-19, 2017 is National Health Center Week

August 13-19, 2017 is National Health Center Week

Did you know that community Health Centers provide care for over 25 million Americans at more than 9,000 locations across the country?

This August, the National Association of Community Health Centers, is sponsoring the National Health Center Week, with a theme of “Celebrating America’s Health Centers: The Key to Healthier Communities.”

Health centers are community-based and community-directed organizations that provide high quality, comprehensive primary and preventive health care services to some of the nation’s most vulnerable individuals and families. The centers help to reduce health disparities with integrated care management by providing patients with access to pharmacy, mental health, substance abuse, and dental services, as well as health education and transportation services.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which manages the federal program, states that by providing healthcare to adult and children living in poverty, patients in under-served rural communities, and veterans, these health centers reduce costs to the system. Spending on high-cost emergency rooms and hospital inpatient stays was reported 24% lower in patients of health centers than in non-health center patients in a 2016 multi-state study.

So, this August, check out the health centers programming to see what they do in your community (find the closest center to you here).  For reference, below are examples of various community-based efforts in support of National Health Center Week 2017.

You can also help bring awareness to how these organizations help the underserved in your area by tweeting #NHCW17.




Standardizing CRO Costs and Expectations

With the ever-increasing costs associated with conducting clinical trials, many medical device and pharma companies continue outsourcing various operational pieces to contract research organizations (CROs) and other augmentation service groups. By doing so, they are often saving money and the trials are typically completed faster (up to 30%) than when kept in-house (American Pharmaceutical Review ).

The Power of Engaged Employees

If you’re the owner or CEO of your company, it’s vital you take a look at how engaged your employees are. Your employees are the foundation and often the face of your company. The most engaged employees are the ones who love their job and feel like they’re making a difference. They are also the ones who will motivate and inspire others. This engagement may stem from their own satisfaction and career choice, but as an employer, you have the tools to see that your employees are fully engaged.

Evolution Creates Value

What drives change?  Sometimes it’s the economics of supply and demand, unexpected growth or industry climate shift – sometimes unidentified sources can tip these scales. In the case of Hart Clinical Consultants (HCC), our change is due to a purposeful rebranding and evolution to create value.  

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