Four years ago, a voice from Patti Lawrence’s past called her cellphone. Jim Hart, Chief Executive Officer of Hart Clinical Consultants, needed someone with clinical experience working in a cardiac cath lab. From that one phone call, Patti began a new phase in her professional career as a Clinical Research Associate, initially filling device proctoring roles, but diligently training as a clinical monitor. For the difference between the two roles, click here.

Since those days in 2013, Patti has worked on nine medical device trials with HCC, as both proctor and monitor. When she first joined HCC, she had very little monitoring experience, so she read everything she could about it while she was mentored by Jim and Stan Reaves, HCC’s Chief Operating Officer. Certification as a Clinical Research Professional (CRP) requires a minimum of two years’ experience in the field. In October of this year, Patti took and passed the SOCRA CRP certification exam.

Please help us congratulate Patti on her earning the CCRP certification and on her recent promotion to Senior Clinical Research Associate. 

Patti’s continued commitment and contributions to HCC, shine through her with her obvious love for her work. According to Stan Reaves, among her many accolades is a vast knowledge of cardiac and vascular anatomy and physiology. This knowledge and many years in the cath lab translates to client appreciation for her ability to teach difficult topics with simplicity, great analogies, and examples that lead to a thorough understanding by the learner. Stan provided this story that exemplifies Patti’s contribution to HCC, “Patti saw a need for education of team members for a stroke intervention trial and put together a presentation to teach the folks working on the project. She has also recently taken on the lead role for a seminal peripheral vascular device study, for which she has developed a strategy for training 40 study sites as part of her responsibility for coordinating site coverage.” A can-do attitude, perseverance, and an aptitude for adapting to most personality profiles enables Patti to develop strong working relationships with even the most demanding individuals for the long game.

Medical Device Executive Eric Knuteson had this to say about working with Patti to support clinical trials at Osprey Medical (Minnetonka, MN), “She exemplifies professionalism beyond reproach and is a calm pro who is able to navigate any customer situation with intuitive approaches to details and challenging requirements. She sacrifices her personal schedule to meet any clinical last-minute need, like booking last-minute travel on a Sunday afternoon.”

Patti says she could not be happier than she is right now working for HCC. “I truly enjoy working with and meeting new people” she says of the job, and enjoys the travel associated with it.  She is planning to use some of the travel perks she’s been collecting to go experience the Aurora Borealis up close by standing underneath, listening to the hissing and crackling of this natural phenomenon.

We are blessed to have Patti as part of our HCC family. Thank you, Patti, for being a key player and for your continued commitment to excellence in all you do!


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Extensive on-site monitoring experience using a variety of data collection processes


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