Hart Health Hints: three easy tips for a healthy summer

This is our first entry in the “Hart’s Voyagers” blog series dedicated to the traveling CRA looking for some simple ways to stay on top of their daily health and well-being.

As busy clinical affairs professionals ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to stay healthy in the fast-paced, demanding world of clinical trial operations. Whether you are a Director of Clinical Affairs, on the road as

Standardizing CRO Costs and Expectations

With the ever-increasing costs associated with conducting clinical trials, many medical device and pharma companies continue outsourcing various operational pieces to contract research organizations (CROs) and other augmentation service groups. By doing so, they are often saving money and the trials are typically completed faster (up to 30%) than when kept in-house (American Pharmaceutical Review ).


The Power of Engaged Employees

If you’re the owner or CEO of your company, it’s vital you take a look at how engaged your employees are. Your employees are the foundation and often the face of your company. The most engaged employees are the ones who love their job and feel like they’re making a difference. They are also the ones who will motivate and inspire others. This engagement may

Evolution Creates Value

What drives change?  Sometimes it’s the economics of supply and demand, unexpected growth or industry climate shift – sometimes unidentified sources can tip these scales. In the case of Hart Clinical Consultants (HCC), our change is due to a purposeful rebranding and evolution to create value.  


The Benefits of Being a Contracted Clinical Research Associate

If you’re reading this, you’re likely not new to this industry.  But, just in case, a CRA’s primary job responsibility is to monitor clinical trials, ensure the protocol is followed and that all data collected is protected and verified. Depending on level of experience and protocol requirements, CRAs may also handle case-proctoring and device training.  The latter is often the case of CRA’s that work

Winning the Hart Healthy Challenge One step at a time

If you’ve been following our recent blog entries, you know the background and premise behind the Hart Healthy Challenge during the month of February. In short, we believe a company’s internal culture can have a discernable effect on those that work within it. By design, HCC levels great value on how physical well-being can influence work-place and staff “barometers.” Using this philosophy as a motivator,